SHD Support - E2, 4K, 6K – ZCam, Blackmagic – Troubleshooting – 4k Signal Line on screen




  • Intervallapse Jan Kubica

    I own smallHD focus 7 for 2 years now and I also have seen similar artifacts:

    - Vertical line glitch in the middle and on the left when the monitor is receving 4k DCI
    - Also even when receving UHD, when zebra is turned on, sometimes there is some zebra in the middle, like where the middle line should be (like a glitch)

    Is the official SmallHD statement, that UHD monitors can't accept 4k DCI? Why?

    I plan to buy Indie 7, but i would need to output 4kDCI from my camera, does it also has this problem?

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  • Alexandre de Bellefeuille

    I purchase a SMALL HD 702 Touch 2 months ago and have the exact same issue (although you wrote the 702 Touch is able to received 4K DCI). Any ways to fix this ?

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